Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Information

Abstracts must be submitted online through the official online abstract submission system.

Submission by fax, e-mail or courier will not be accepted.

Abstracts must describe original, previously unpublished work.

The body of the abstract will be structured as follows with the following subtitles:

1. Background

2. Methods

4. Conclusions

5. Image/Graph (optional)

6. Authors: All author full names should be included in the order they will appear in publication. Ensure that the correct spelling is confirmed for all contributing authors, no amendment will be permitted after the submission deadline.

7. Affiliations: Each affiliation should be specified. Affiliations should include the primary employer or institution name, and location (city, state or province, country). No department names.

8. After completing your abstract submission you will receive a confirmation email. Please save this email for your personal record

9. Abstract submission deadline is 19 March 2021 .

Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Has Ended.